Wish you could be a part of your child’s classroom experience? 

Unity Cooperative Preschool

Unity Cooperative Preschool (UCP) offers families the ability to obtain an affordable, quality education for three, four and five-year-olds.

We have a loving environment dedicated to the social and emotional growth of children.

UCP is a child, parent, teacher cooperative and as such our families are encouraged to participate, share their talents and work closely with the teacher to support their child’s success in their first school experience.

Information for Parents – click here!

Unity Cooperative PreschoolRegistration for the Fall Semester begins in March and continues until the class is at capacity. Please contact Pam at (970) 391.8374 for more details.

Please schedule an in-class visitation with you and your child so you may see first hand the unique care we take in our classroom.

Text/Call (970) 391.8374 or email Pam at pktiam@comcast.net to schedule a time to visit!

A cooperative preschool is one in which parents help the teacher in the classroom and receive moral support and mutual understanding from the teacher and other parents with the same concerns, interests and problems. By giving parents the opportunity to work in the classroom, the child’s first school experience is in a supportive, caring and nurturing atmosphere.

Unity Cooperative PreschoolIn this way we can help children become independent and self-confident learners and use their cognitive and verbal skills to help resolve conflicts, understand the values of self, peers and family and to have fun in school! Our children especially enjoy their days when their parent is in the classroom!

We encourage children to discover the pleasures and responsibilities of being a group member and to build new friendships. A variety of experiences are provided with lots of opportunities to discover and explore. These activities are presented and/or perceived as “play” to the children. Studies show that play is an extremely important aspect of a young child’s development.

We look forward to sharing the school year with you and your child!