About Cooperative Preschools

Definition for a Cooperative Preschool:

Wish you could be a part of your child’s classroom learning experience?

Unity Cooperative PreschoolA cooperative preschool might be the way to go. Schools vary by specific method and setup, but the premise is generally the same.

There is a trained teacher (or teachers) but parents take turns helping out in the classroom on a rotating basis, usually once a month or every five or six weeks. They may also be asked to bring in supplies and a snack and a drink.

Parental jobs may include running a craft, handing out snack, helping to clean up, general supervision and assisting the teacher in demonstrating a lesson.

Outside of the classroom, some cooperative preschools ask parents to take on other responsibilities like building maintenance or fundraising.

Cooperative preschools are governed by some form of board, usually made up of parents who are elected to one- or two-year terms. The positions are generally volunteer. The board usually sets tuition rates, is in charge of hiring staff and other administrative duties like maintaining the budget.

Cooperative preschools tend to usually be socially- or play based but some may focus on academics. Before choosing any preschool, it’s important to ask what their philosophy is.

The tuition at cooperative preschools tend to be less expensive than traditional ones.

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About Unity Cooperative Preschool: 

At Unity Cooperative Preschool, children:

  • Share a positive learning environment with their parents and peers.
  • Benefit from their parents support.
  • Gain a wide variety of opportunities for self-expression and have satisfying outlets for their energy.
  • Are empowered by positive social and emotional experiences.
  • Love having their parents in the class.
  • Gain independence and learn personal responsibility.
  • Enjoy their own Show & Tell on their parent’s workday.

Parents at our Preschool: Parents are an integral part in our school.  Not only do they participate in their child’s classroom, but they also have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of activities that directly affect their child’s classroom experience.

 At Unity Cooperative Preschool, parents:

  • Participate in their child’s class and observe developmental stages of early childhood.
  • Learn ways to reinforce the ideas presented at preschool.
  • Network with other parents.
  • Obtain affordable tuition.
  • Have a direct impact on their child’s education.
  • Gain invaluable volunteering-at-school experience for future years.

This Says It All…

Pam and StudentToday at about 8:30 pm, Cayson asked me if he could go back to Preschool. I said, “Of course!” He said, “Let’s go!”

Picking the place where your child will be away from you for the first time since infancy and will start to care for new people, trust them and learn with/from them is overwhelming.

We are beyond blessed by Cayson’s teacher, Pam, the incredible kids, their parents and the loving, open hearted environment that surrounds them there. I am so grateful for Cayson’s preschool!!

Check out what people are saying about UCP on Yelp

“We love Ms. Pam. So much. We have seen a wonderful improvement in our son since starting preschool. He is learning to do more for himself and I am learning to let him. I love that I get to be involved in the classroom and I love that Mrs. Pam lets them be kids! Fresh air! Free play! Choices! All while still holding them accountable.” – Kelly C., Fort Collins, CO 

“Ms. Pam is a warm, nurturing preschool teacher with years of experience working with children. She creates a classroom environment that fosters the kids’ growing independence, communication skills, and ability to interact appropriately in a group setting. The schedule includes regular story time, activity centers, crafts, snacks, free play time outdoors, special field trips, and more.  This preschool co-op has helped my child develop, and furthermore has helped me to become a better parent.” – Karla R., Fort Collins, CO

“This is a GREAT preschool!  Little ones learn in a play-based and kind environment and really thrive.  Parents play an active role in their child’s learning experience and the kids learn important social and life skills.  I have a five year old who was there last year and will go on to Kindergarten this year and a 3 year old who will start Unity in the Fall.  Ms. Pam really knows how to foster autonomy in the preschool set.  I have nothing but good things to say about our Unity experience.” – Patricia M., Fort Collins, CO